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Mapping Memories: Judengasse Extended

A participatory installation by Meitar Tewel & Fabrice Mazliah, hosted by METAhub FFM, Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm (April 2023)

Production assistant: Marijke Wehrmann, Johanna Milz

Photos: Stefanie Kösling for METAhub FFM

The radical change in Frankfurt’s urban structure in the decades following World War II makes the footprint of the Judengasse, the historic Jewish ghetto, almost untraceable. As part of METAhub's Mapping Memories: Judengasse Extended  Festival, the public was invited to participate in two field workshops led by Meitar Tewel and choreographer Fabrice Mazliah in a performative act of demarcation which superimposes the erased footprint of the ghetto's lane with the current street patterns, stretching from Museum Judengasse in the south towards Konstablerwache in the north. With the emerging drawing in the city centre, the lines of the past and present intertwined to keep the memory of the historic ghetto alive.

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