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Mapping Memories: Judengasse Extended

An architectural exhibition by Meitar Tewel

Hosted by METAhub FFM, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt (April 2023)

Video, texts, illustrations, models: Meitar Tewel
Exhibition design and graphics: Meitar Tewel
Exhibition design assistant: Marijke Wehrmann
Technical Production: Aleksandar Dojcinovic
Photos: Stefanie Kösling, Uwe Dettmar, Meitar Tewel


With the kind support of Azko Iimori & Michael Damm

Mapping Memories: Judengasse Extended is a festival organised by METAhub FFM during the month of April 2023, endeavoring to re-register the historic and cultural value of the erased Judengasse, Frankfurt's centuries-old Jewish ghetto, in the cityscape. By pulling threads from the scant material and immaterial traces of life in the ghetto, a series of public events, exhibitions, workshops and performances strived to uncover a lost chapter in the city's history, and offered the public new ways to read the utterly ordinary modern urban spaces on site.

At the heart of the festival stood Neualtland: A Layered Local Jewish Narrative - a pop-up architectural exhibition, installed in a recently discovered vaulted cellar - the only fully preserved space from the Judengasse known to date. Making this extraordinary testimony to the place’s history publicly accessible for the first time, the exhibition set the ground for a revived public discourse regarding the fate of built and erased Jewish heritage in the city of Frankfurt. 

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