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Delft, The Netherlands

April 2021

Academic Project

Analytical Models

TU Delft


Cameron Reid

Robin Weishaupt


Geert Cumans

Laura Ubachs

Willemijn Wilms Floet

Schuttersveld (Geurst & Schulze Architecten, 1997-2003) is a residential development that forms part of the Doelen area in Delft’s historic town center, which in the past few years has undergone a transformation from an unexceptional, second rate neighborhood to a luxury, much sought-after location. The project consists of eight small-scale residential buildings, realized in the internal space of an existing block, which used to accommodate a primary school. The former playground survives as one of the two squares built within the block.

Looking at this new scheme and the project’s details, we identify a gradual transition from the old city center of Delft to the heart of the Schuttersveld in terms of scale, publicness and urbanity. Thus, we ask: what are the instruments used in the Schuttersveld project that allow a coherent urban and residential sequence?

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