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The privilege to wander between architectural theory and design, although often perceived as mutually exclusive inclinations, is the driving force of my work. My ability to observe human habitats through both historical and formal lenses, to read spaces by means of philosophy and material, and to formulate new places via words and drawings - developed and expanded as I acquired academic and professional experience, and has consistently become more evident in my work and design processes. This dual fascination results in architectural projects which are deeply rooted in their social, historical and physical context, and in academic writings which primarily stem from spatial curiosity.

Today I am a Master's student at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft, the Netherlands. In parallel, I am participating as a guest studio critic at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Israel. Outside the academic world, I eagerly pursue opportunities to submit works, both individually and collaboratively, to architectural competitions and design projects.



MSc Architecture - ongoing

TU Delft, The Netherlands


BSc Architecture (summa cum laude)
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Grade average 94.2/100
Studio grade average 93.35/100
President’s List Honors Student in 6/7 semesters
Dean’s List Honors Student in 1/7 semester

Chosen by the Technion to participate in international workshops:

Kibbutz Berlin Workshop / Hochschule Anhalt - Dessau, Germany 2019; including presentation at the ‘Bauhaus 100 - What Now?’ conference.
Tsukiji Market / Urban Design Workshop, Meiji University - Tokyo, Japan 2019

Professional Experience


Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten / part-time designer.


Research assistant / to Associate Professor Alona Nitzan-Shiftan (Chair of the Center for Architectural Heritage at the Technion).

Teaching assistant / to Assistant Professor architect Dalia Kramer in the MSc course ‘Topics in History & Theory: A Place for Art’.

Tav Group Architects / Designer (concept to production) for the new Academy of the Hebrew Language building competition.


Gitai Architects / Concept development and submission of proposals to competitions, active participant in architectural planning processes.


Nachshon Studio (furniture design) / Support of design and manufacture processes, graphics and visual representation.

Competitions, Awards & Exhibitions


Top 20 Finalist / the new Academy of the Hebrew Language building open competition, in collaboration with Tav Group


Citation of Excellence Award / intra-Faculty competition, for the project ‘Sense of Place’ (BSc. 05)


Finalist / the Israel 2048 Competition of the Israel Green Building Council (IGBC); Awarded a Citation of Excellence - intra-Faculty competition for the project ‘Post-Possession’, in collaboration with Itai Aviram and Shaked Fried (BSc. 04)

Citation of Excellence / Aba Elhanani Award for the project ‘Spoken Language’ (BSc. 03)


First prize / intra-Faculty competition - Rivka Hashimshoni Award, for the project ‘At First, But Then’ (BSc. 02)
First prize / intra-Faculty competition - Rivka Hashimshoni Award, for the project ‘A Single Stroke’ (BSc. 01)


Participation in the Street Art Photography exhibition, Jaffa Port Gallery

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